PowerShell, Microsoft, Management, and more with Steve Lee


In this episode, we get to hear the perspective of an insider. Steve Lee shares a bit about his background and how he came to find himself managing the PowerShell team. He talks about the double-edged sword of working on a product that is so widely distributed. Steve talks about how and why PowerShell uses telemetry and some of the challenges that come along with such a large amount of data. We learn about the differences between OpenSSH and WinRM, doing visible work, interacting with the community, AI, and more.


Guest Bio and links:

Steve Lee started at Microsoft in Jan 2000 and is a Software Engineer Manager for PowerShell 7, PowerShellGallery, VSCode-Extension, OpenSSH (Windows), SSHArc, DSC, and many modules.


  1. https://twitter.com/steve_msft

  2. https://github.com/SteveL-MSFT

  3. https://youtu.be/4VIZPA50L2w

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