Asking the Right Questions: A Conversation with Guy Leech


In this interview with Guy Leech, he shared his passion for the coding community and how it has helped him in his career. He revealed that he uses his Twitter account as a personal knowledge base, and shared his story on how he got started in coding. He also provided valuable insights on how to ask good questions, the importance of helping others in the community, and how doing so can lead to better career opportunities. Additionally, he discussed error handling in PowerShell and the importance of not getting bogged down by small details.


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Guy is a freelance consultant, speaker, and developer, a passionate PowerShell scripter, a current Microsoft MVP (Cloud and Datacenter Management), Citrix CTP, VMware vExpert, Parallels VIPP, and a veteran of 25+ years in the Citrix, Microsoft, and VMware End User Computing (EUC) space & was a Unix C/C++ developer prior to that. He specializes in troubleshooting and automation for both end customers and software vendors.




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