Dex Knows – With Dan Franciscus


Dan has been working with PowerShell since his early days in IT, where he was tasked with moving 500 mailboxes a night. He took the time to learn PowerShell and developed a process to do this efficiently. In 2017, he attended a 5-day PowerShell training course taught by Jason Helmick, which he considers to be the best experience of his career. Dan believes that all departments should care about digital experience and that PowerShell is the most important tool for this. He is also interested in the potential of AI and how it could be integrated into Microsoft products. 

Guest Bio and links:

Dan is currently the Manager of Digital Experience Tools with a background in automation, Windows Server, Windows Desktop, Chocolatey, VMware. Most recently, is working in the Intelligent Automation and Conversational AI space. He has previously spoken at conferences such as PowerShell Summit and has written various automation-related content for Techtarget, CODE Magazine, Puppet, Microsoft among other sites. 





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