The PowerShell Podcast Reaching New Users with Jeff Hicks


We are joined by Jeff Hicks, who shares his expertise as a longtime PowerShell educator. We get things started by in the most logical way: talking about the Teletubbies and the biggest secret in content creation. Jeff discusses how to get more people into PowerShell. He emphasizes the importance of regular use in order to become fluent in the language. Jeff also provides some great advice on learning new things: if it's too much to take in all at once, bookmark it and come back later. Tune in to learn more! 


Guest Bio and links:

Jeffery Hicks is an IT veteran with more than 30 years of experience, much of it as an IT infrastructure consultant specializing in Microsoft server technologies with an emphasis on automation and efficiency. He is a multi-year recipient of the Microsoft MVP Award. He works today as an independent author, teacher, and consultant. Jeff has taught and presented on PowerShell and the benefits of automation to IT Pros worldwide. He has authored, co-authored, and edited several books, writes for numerous online sites and print publications, is a Pluralsight author, and is a frequent speaker at technology conferences and user groups. 

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  4. jdhitsolutions (Jeff Hicks) · GitHub 

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