The PowerShell Podcast Maximizing Community Engagement with sqldbawithabeard


Today, we had the pleasure of interviewing Rob “sqldbawithabeard” Sewell, who shared insights on changes to dbachecks, maximizing community involvement, mentorship, and dbatools. We also discussed the exciting upcoming events, including psconfeu and data Saturdays, where enthusiasts can come together to learn, share ideas, and connect with like-minded individuals. In addition, Rob shared his innovative approach to automating the process of finding speakers for events, streamlining the planning and organization of future gatherings. 

Guest Bio and links:

Rob was a SQL Server DBA with a passion for PowerShell, Azure, Automation, and SQL (PaaS geddit?). Now he just helps people make things. He is a Cloud and Data Center MVP and a Data Platform MVP, SQLBits committee member and PSConf EU organiser. 


See the podcast on YouTube: 

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