The PowerShell Podcast Securing the Cloud with David das Neves


After what may be the worst intro in the history of the podcast, we explore PowerShell, Security, and the cloud with David das Neves. From his beginnings as a developer to starting his own company, Shift Avenue, David shares the importance of addressing security misconfigurations, integrating security policies in the cloud, and the true meaning of DevOps. Additionally, we discuss tackling tech debt, embracing digital transformation, and David's commitment to sharing knowledge and fostering community growth. Join us for an inspiring chat packed with valuable insights. 

Guest Bio and links:

David das Neves has over 15 years of professional experience in cloud & software engineering. His previous employers include Google and Microsoft. Today he is the CEO of shiftavenue, a prime consulting company focusing on strategy and technology with an additional focus on People, Teams, and Culture, as customers will only reach their goals with their people. 

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Red vs. Blue – Ready, Steady, Fight! - Julien Reisdorffer, David das Neves 

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