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In this episode, we talk to the Microsoft docs team (Sean Wheeler, Mike Lombardi, and Mike F. Robbins) about the success of docathon at Summit. We then talk about the value of contributing to docs, and all of the ways the barriers are being lowered for contributing. Last, we find out that Mikey will spend his weekends creating documentation on unrelated products, so he can come in fresh writing documentation for his job…..true dedication. A lot of links in this one. We encourage you to click away. In an unsurprising twist, the experts of docs have relevant docs for everything we talked about.


Bio and links:
Sean Wheeler - For the past 6 years, I have been the lead documentarian for PowerShell. I ensure that users have the content they need. I also support and encourage the PowerShell Community to add value via open-source contributions to the documentation. In my 24 years at Microsoft, I have taught many workshops on scripting, debugging, and advanced troubleshooting. Using my scripting expertise, I created tools to help customers collect and analyze data used to support and optimize their environments.


Mikey Lombardi is a Senior Content Developer at Microsoft, working on PowerShell Learn content. Always a gentleman, Mikey has been a positive force in the community for a long time. You like PowerShell? Awesome Documentation? Amazing tabletop campaigns? You found them, my friends. Follow him. FOLLOW HIM NOW!!!!!!


Mike F. Robbins is the Lead writer for Azure PowerShell at Microsoft. He is a regular speaker at PowerShell conferences and has an active blog, which is successful enough to make him a six time MVP. He is an Author, Editor of the PowerShell Conference Book: Volume 1, and an overall swell guy.


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