The PowerShell Podcast PowerShell and DevOps Global Summit – Josh King and Steven Bucher


In this special episode, we bring you two exciting interviews. 

First up, we talk with Josh King, who needs no introduction. In this interview, we dive into Josh's background, his travels from New Zealand, and his contributions to the PowerShell community, including his popular module, BurntToast. He also gives pro tips on giving a successful talk. We also get to know the man behind the keyboard and learn about his favorite tools and hobbies. 

Next, we chat with Steven Bucher, a PowerShell Product Manager at Microsoft. Steven shares with us his approach to product management. We also discuss the recent improvements to PSReadline and what PowerShell users can expect in the upcoming releases. Finally, we get to know Steven beyond his work at Microsoft and learn about his interests outside of PowerShell. 

Tune in to this special episode of the PowerShell podcast to hear these two insightful interviews! 

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