The PowerShell Podcast PowerShell Unplugged: A Symphony of Tech and Music with Jim Truher


In this episode of the PowerShell Podcast, we welcome special guest Jim Truher, one of the founding fathers of PowerShell. We discuss his fascinating journey from being a professional musician to transitioning into a career in technology, the origins of PowerShell, and how he became involved in its creation. Jim shares insights into the new PowerShell Crescendo module, its benefits for developers and IT professionals, as well as the early challenges faced in bringing PowerShell to market, overcoming skepticism, and promoting its user base. We also explore the unique relationship between PowerShell and Microsoft Exchange and discuss Jim's most significant successes while working on PowerShell. Throughout the conversation, we learn more about the ongoing evolution of PowerShell and its potential future direction. Don't miss this insightful and engaging episode as we dive deep into the melodious journey of Jim Truher and the world of PowerShell.


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Jim Truher is a seasoned software engineer and a key contributor to the development of PowerShell at Microsoft. With a diverse background that includes a career as a professional musician, Jim transitioned into the tech industry, bringing his passion and creativity into the world of software development. As one of the founding fathers of PowerShell, he has played a crucial role in shaping this versatile scripting and automation tool, impacting the lives of countless IT professionals and developers worldwide. With expertise in scripting languages and a keen understanding of end-user needs, Jim continues to drive innovation and contribute to the evolution of PowerShell.


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