The PowerShell Podcast Culture, Mentoring, and Tech: A Talk with Glen Sarti


In this episode of the PowerShell Podcast, Glen leads us on the journey of his wide-ranging career, sharing stories about his beginnings in the Powershell world and addressing his brave decision to move across the globe for his dreams. He unravels the complex world of DevOps, recounts experiences from his first talk on “DevOps, Desktop, and Odd Socks,” and offers valuable insights into building effective mentoring relationships. At the heart of the episode is his take on driving cultural change within organizations and his compelling comparison of technical versus social skills in the tech industry. This episode encapsulates numerous nuggets of wisdom from Glen, adding value and insights for listeners at all stages of their tech career.


Glenn is a former Desktop Support Engineer turned DevOps advocate turned Software Engineer turned international public speaker turned Software Testing advocate. Currently at Hashicorp as a Senior Engineer on the Terraform Compliance team


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