The PowerShell Podcast Delving into Pester, Profiler, and PSConfEU with Jakub Jareš


In the latest episode of the PowerShell podcast, we had an insightful chat with Jakub Jareš, the lead maintainer of Pester and a software engineer at Microsoft. The talk circled around the history, growth, and importance of Pester, Jakub's role in the organization and delivery of PSConfEU this year, as well as Profiler, a beneficial PowerShell project for unraveling performance hurdles. The episode concluded on a personal note, discussing Jakub's journey within the PowerShell community and his ascension to his current position at Microsoft.


Bio and Links:

Jakub is the Pester owner and maintainer. Senior software engineer, developing VSTest and MSTest at Microsoft. He also maintains Profiler and Assert.

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