The PowerShell Podcast Speaking, Mentorship, and Growth with Emrys MacInally


On our latest PowerShell podcast, we chatted with first-time PSConfEU speaker and all-around cool guy Emrys MacInally. He filled us in on his conference experience and mentorship program insights. We dove into the techie stuff – getting the 411 on Windows Docker containers and using Chocolatey in offline deployments. We even picked Emrys's brain on the journey that led him to where he is today and his approach to brewing beer. We look forward to seeing what Emrys does next! Emrys has been having fun with PowerShell since 2007 and loves to deploy software.


Emrys MacInally has worked in the IT industry for over 18 years, focusing primarily on the delivery of back-end services on Windows. Since the release of PowerShell 2, PowerShell has become his primary automation tool. His love for PowerShell has only grown since then.


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