The PowerShell Podcast From Cloud to Console: Harm Veenstra’s PowerShell Perspectives


We had a cool chat with Harm Veenstra, the guy behind We got into some neat PowerShell stuff like Out-ConsoleGridView and the -PassThru parameter. Harm also gave us the lowdown on when to quit the cloud and spilled the beans on running his blog. Plus, he shared how he keeps up with the quick mojo of the tech world. Tune in for a fun and laid-back tech talk!


Harm Veenstra is a seasoned Microsoft Consultant with an affinity for everything tech. Since beginning his career in 1996 at a Helpdesk, he's traversed through various specialties, including Citrix, VMware, Storage, and Networking, eventually finding his passion in PowerShell and Microsoft Intune. An ardent tech enthusiast, his hardware and software knowledge spectrum saw an expansion as he navigated from batch to cmd to being a proponent of PowerShell since its second version. Alongside his impressive professional journey, Veenstra is a proud father of two teenagers, a soccer fan, and a high BPM house music aficionado. His keenness for all things Microsoft led him to start a blog site last year, which became quickly popular among tech devotees.

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