The PowerShell Podcast Shaun Lawrie: Procrastination, Pixels and PowerShell


In this episode of the PowerShell Podcast, we dive deep into conversation with Shaun Lawrie, an enthusiast who's made waves in the PowerShell community. We discover Shaun's love for defaults, and this makes Jordan’s day. He also gives us a sneak peek into his PwshPaint project, illustrating the versatility of PowerShell beyond conventional uses. From making his first GitHub PR to earning recognition from Jeffrey Snover, Shaun's journey is all about growth, persistence, and innovation. We also explore the unconventional topic of 'weaponizing procrastination' where Shaun spills his strategies of turning downtime into productive outputs. Wrapping up with some exciting insights into the PwshSpectreConsole project, this episode is packed with intelligence, creativity, and awesome PowerShell projects!


Bio: Shaun Lawrie is an IT professional from Wellington, New Zealand, with a passion for automating his jobs away. He's worked in QA, development, site reliability, and delivery with some of the largest web platforms in New Zealand over the last ten years. He's currently the Platform Engineering Lead at PartsTrader Markets Limited leading a team responsible for improving delivery processes, maintaining quality, and automating all of the things.


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