The PowerShell Podcast Educational Odyssey: From Classroom to Cloud with Michael Bender


In this episode, we have a vibrant conversation with Michael Bender who shares his fervor for teaching. We take a deep dive into his educational journey, from academia to course creation at Pluralsight, eventually leading him to his role as a Cloud Advocate at Microsoft. We delve into the significant role of positive feedback, and contemplate how the process of teaching can reveal profound self-insights. Lastly, we discover the origin story of his podcast, 'Wired for Hybrid'.


Michael Bender is a Senior Content Developer at Microsoft. He is a former college professor who also authored the PowerShell and Windows Server courses for Plural Site. He has been teaching technology since the 90s helping countless people progress in their careers.


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Wired for Hybrid - What's New in Azure Networking - July 2023 Edition 


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