The PowerShell Podcast DSC, Community, and PowerShell: A conversation with Michael Greene


In this episode of the PowerShell Podcast, we were joined by Michael Greene, a prominent figure from the PowerShell team at Microsoft. Our enlightening discussion revolved around his instrumental role in the progression from DSC 2.0 to 3.0, largely influenced by invaluable customer feedback. Greene's key involvement in co-authoring the Infrastructure Release Pipeline whitepaper with Steven Murawksi was another topic of conversation. Catapulting to being a Product Manager, he shared his journey, highlighting the importance of being accessible, empathetic, and staying focused on the community. Furthermore, the conversation took an intriguing turn toward the future, debating the possibilities of AI and terminal experiences in the future.

Guest Bio: 

Michael Greene currently serves as a Principal PM Manager at Microsoft, leading the team focused on developing PowerShell, CloudShell, Win32 OpenSSH, DSC, and other projects for Windows and Azure. Michael has diverse experience, from configuration management strategy for Azure Governance, to Windows Server CAT, and service operations in Office 365.

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