The PowerShell Podcast From Console to GitOps: Gilbert Sanchez Breaks It Down


On the latest engrossing edition of The PowerShell Podcast, we had the unique pleasure of discussing the intricate world of cross-platform terminal setups with none other than Gilbert Sanchez. Providing some much-needed clarification and sparking a few laughs, Gilbert unveiled the legitimate pronunciation of the 'mdgrs.' As we delved further, we explored the distinctions between console and terminal, unraveling their complexities and feature sets. We also dove into the trending concept of GitOps, breaking down its structure, benefits, and its growing influence in our operations. Hold on tight, as this episode is stocked with fascinating discourse, enriching knowledge, and an added element of Gilbert's quirky and amusing style.

Gilbert works as a (Señor) Systems Engineer at Meta, spreading the love of PowerShell at scale. A fan of Role Playing Games (RPG), you can check out his RPG-oriented modules on the PowerShell Gallery.

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