The PowerShell Podcast Joe Houghes; Soft Skills, Community, and Professional Growth


In this episode of the PowerShell Podcast, we were thrilled to sit virtually with none other than Joe Houghes, engaging him in an insightful discussion about his dynamic journey and participation in community activity. Woven throughout with humor and knowledge, our ponderings with Joe centered around the significance of building relationships within the community. We ventured further into the dialogue surrounding the emphasis on soft skills and their interaction with professional growth. The conversation pivoted towards effective communication as an investment into one's self, bringing about palpable value in the workplace. Walk away with a newfound reflective insight and tangible advice for involvement in the community, all courtesy of Joe's enlightening experiences.


Bio: Joe Houghes is a co-leader of the Denver PowerShell & VMware User Groups and he is a Sr. Solutions Architect with Pure Storage. He focuses on automating us out of our IT operations while freeing us to perform higher-level tasks. Joe has been the #1 speaker internationally for VMUG in 2021 and 2022 for virtual and in-person events, and is always working to help & encourage the next community speaker(s) to take his place, while helping to get them started. Joe also works to evangelize the message that automation should be a focus for admins & engineers, even though it requires more in-depth thinking and focus beyond performing a task once. He knows that even though it is not always someone's default method, the result is then repeatable and consistent. Joe tries to help others understand why we should do the easy tasks better, and he challenges everyone to push themselves outside of their comfort zone and learn more about any topic of interest. Joe is a collector of communities as a leader for 2 User Groups, and a member of many evangelist groups including Microsoft MVP, Veeam Vanguard, VMware vExpert, Cisco Champion, Tanzu Vanguard, plus he helps out to host events as part of the vBrownBag crew. He tells people not to let fear keep them from sharing their knowledge with others and teaching from their unique perspective. He's also easy to spot by the colored hat, big grin, and the loud "Howdy Y'all."


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