The PowerShell Podcast The eye of the Tyger: Clayton Tyger, A PowerShell Rising Star


In the latest episode of the PowerShell Podcast, we dove deep into the world of guest Clayton Tyger, a rising figure in the PowerShell community. Clayton shared his intriguing journey into the world of PowerShell, shedding light on his first steps and his continuous involvement in the community. Of particular significance was our discussion about his experience developing the impactful 365AutomatedLab module. Also, Clayton's "Getting Started with 365AutomatedLab module" blog received special attention, serving as a fantastic resource for fellow developers. The episode provided remarkable insights, demonstrating Clayton's expertise and his dedication to sharing knowledge with the community.

BIO: Clayton Tyger is an IT professional with over 15 years of experience spanning various roles from Help Desk to IT Project Manager. He is currently an IT Engineer, maintaining a broad skill set in the industry. Always open to learning and discussing IT, Tyger encourages dialogue with others in the field. His passion for technology continues to fuel his career, and he always welcomes networking opportunities.

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