The PowerShell Podcast Emil Larsson: Creating Communal Tech Waves with PowerShell


In this episode of the PowerShell Podcast, we had Emil Larsson join us! We had a healthy amount of community blogs in this episode, with lots of great conversation all throughout. We discussed how helpful contributing to PowerShell docs can be. We learned about Emil's evolution with PowerShell and how the industry has changed in his 10+ years of experience. Emil and Andrew revisited their early IT days of grappling with upgrades from Windows XP to Windows 7, making all of us a bit nostalgic. We also had a fair bit of discussion around what the PowerShell community is all about.


Guest Bio and links: 

Emil is an IAM specialist who loves PowerShell. He has 10 years of experience in IAM solutions with strong focus on AD and PowerShell. He shares his IAM and automation insights through his blog.

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