The PowerShell Podcast Entra Insights and Merrill Fernando’s Toolbox: Powering the Community


In this episode of the PowerShell Podcast, we had an enlightening conversation with Merrill Fernando, a Principal Product Manager on Microsoft's Entra team. Our discussion unveiled an in-depth look at Microsoft Entra, providing listeners with tips and tricks. Merrill generously shared his journey in becoming a PM, emphasizing the pivotal role of learning and sharing knowledge within our tech community. We also delved into the emerging importance of transitioning from the AzureAD module towards a more streamlined approach using Graph. Not to miss, Merrill spotlighted his widely acclaimed tools such as [](, idPowerToys, and entra. news, and more, opening up an array of exciting possibilities for our listeners. Join us as we explore these topics and a whole lot more in yet another riveting session of the PowerShell Podcast.

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Merill Fernando is a Principal Product Manager in the Microsoft Entra product group at Microsoft Security. In his role he helps some of Microsoft's biggest customers define their identity strategy and deploy Microsoft Entra. He is passionate about Microsoft Graph, PowerShell, DevOps and you can usually find him on LinkedIn, X, and YouTube talking about these topics. In his spare time, he works on some popular open-source app including, idPowerToys, and Graph X-Ray plus he also runs a weekly newsletter on all things Microsoft Entra at

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