The PowerShell Podcast Breaking Down Barriers in PowerShell and Management with Kevin Cefalu


In this episode of the PowerShell Podcast, we engage in a dynamic discussion with Kevin Cefalu. Kevin shares managerial insights, valuable lessons from the Summit, and the workings of Azure Durable Functions. The conversation shifts to the power of Pair Programming and Call for Presentations (CFP) and how this involved Andrew. We explore the usage of the .vscode folder and Plaster for workspace customization and conclude with Kevin's intriguing thoughts on AI applications. A powerful blend of knowledge, experience, and technology.


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In the heart of southern Louisiana, a DevOps Engineering Manager masters the arts of C#.NET and PowerShell, wielding over a decade of experience with a Microsoft Azure wizard's touch. Away from the techno-tangle, he's a 3D printing enthusiast, gamer, and project tinkerer, often joined by his wife Linsay, daughter Olivia, and their pups Ajax and Callie. His world is a vibrant mix of tech mastery, playful hobbies, and joyful family moments.

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