The PowerShell Podcast Farewell to Jordan: MVP Chrissy LeMaire Unleashes AI Wisdom


In this special episode of the PowerShell Podcast, the hosts are joined by the esteemed Chrissy LeMaire, a double Microsoft MVP and GitHub star as we bid a fond farewell to Jordan. Chrissy's wealth of expertise in the PowerShell, GitHub, and AI realms adds a unique perspective to the discussion. We talk about creating personalized chatbots with ChatGPT, uses for AI. Chrissy shares news about her upcoming AI book and the life-changing moment that got her to embrace AI. All that, and more! Don't miss this insightful conversation with a true powerhouse in the tech community.


Guest Bio and links:

Vaguely French Developer in Europe, PS & SQL MVP, inaugural GitHub Star, got a master's degree in Systems Engineering. She’s also certified in SQL Server, Linux, SharePoint and network security.


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