The PowerShell Podcast Unlocking Secrets: Sam Erde on Open-Source Contributions and the Locksmith Module


In this episode of the PowerShell Podcast, featuring guest Sam Erde, we delve into a myriad of topics starting with Andrew's successful acceptance of his talk at PowerShell Summit. The episode unfolds with a spotlight on community resources. Sam Erde, our esteemed guest, shares insights into his blogging journey and his contributions to open-source projects, with a particular focus on the Locksmith module designed to uncover misconfigurations in ADCS Certificate Services. Sam also provides his unique perspective on leveraging PowerShell for various tasks. The hosts engage in a discussion about the community ethos, underscoring the importance of creating more value than capturing, and Sam shares personal experiences that have shaped his approach to community involvement. Tune in for an episode packed with valuable insights, community highlights, and the power of PowerShell in action.

Guest bio and Links: 

Sam Erde is a senior yak shaver and semi-professional squirrel hunter with 20+ years of experience in IT. His preferred species of yak speaks PowerShell and the squirrels are most often found huddled around Microsoft bird feeders. Much of his career has had a strong focus on Active Directory, GPOs, Exchange Server, and Microsoft 356; however, it would not be complete without an equally strong focus on coffee, puns, Oxford commas, and cybersecurity. Sam's mission is to help IT teams grow towards operational maturity around these platforms. This includes a focus on culture, technical growth, and identifying not just as systems administrators, engineers, or analysts--but as infosec professionals who may happen to work in operations. He is incredibly grateful for everything the community has taught him and hopes to contribute back at least as much as he has learned from this amazing group of people.


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