The PowerShell Podcast From Listener to Speaker: Daniel Schroeder’s PowerShell Summit Success


Episode Summary:

In the latest episode of the PowerShell Podcast, we're joined by the dynamic Daniel Schroeder. Dive into the world of PowerShell tips and contributions as Daniel shares insights into his tiPS module and how listeners can get involved. Daniel also reflects on his experience as a podcast listener, detailing how the show inspired him to take significant steps in his professional journey, such as applying to speak at PowerShell Summit—a journey that culminated in being accepted. The episode takes a technical turn as we glean advice on GitOps, explore techniques for visualizing large-scale systems, and gain valuable insights into the current statistics of DevOps, SRE, and Platform Engineering. Join us for a conversation packed with practical tips, personal reflections, and expert advice from Daniel Schroeder.


Guest Bio and links:

Dan has been writing software for over two decades and blogging since about 2011. He has a passion for creating productivity tools and tools to help make developers' lives easier. He enjoys sharing information and helping others through his blog, YouTube videos, presentations, and in person. He lives in Saskatchewan, Canada, with his wife, son, and dogs and enjoys hiking and rollerblading when he is not consumed by one of his many personal projects, most of which are open-source on GitHub.

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