The PowerShell Podcast PowerShell and Education: A Deep Dive with Jim Tyler, Director of Technology


In this episode of the PowerShell Podcast, we have the pleasure of hosting Jim Tyler (@PowerShellEngineer). In this episode, Jim shares insights into PowerShell in K-12 education, his book and YouTube channel,, and his various projects and passions. Join us as we delve into Jim's background, his journey into PowerShell, and the unique challenges and rewards of working in the K-12 sector. We discuss the impact of AI on education, the birth of, and Jim's creative ventures, from YouTube tutorials to self-publishing a PowerShell book. Get ready for a conversation packed with valuable insights, practical advice, and a touch of Disney magic.


Guest Bio and links:

Jim is the Director of Technology at Niles Community Schools, YouTuber @PowerShellEngineer, Author of PowerShell for Systems Engineers. He's also presented on PowerShell at Michigan EdTech conferences.


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