The PowerShell Podcast PowerShell and Pentesting: Hacker Insights with Spencer Alessi


In this action-packed episode of the PowerShell Podcast, we kick off with a loaded preshow featuring an exciting announcement of PowerShelldle, a community tip, and a deep dive into my own PowerShell journey in response to a viewer question. The main segment is a fascinating conversation with Spencer Alessi, where we delve into the world of PowerShell and pentesting. Spencer generously shares the tools he would use as a sysadmin pentesting his own environment, including PowerSploit, PingCastle, Bloodhound, LockSmith, and ADeleg. He provides invaluable tips for PowerShell enthusiasts looking to transition into security and pentesting, shedding light on the current and emerging trends in the security landscape. Spencer also gives us insights into the role that PowerShell plays in his role as a pentester. Get ready for a riveting episode filled with tips, tools, and trends in the world of PowerShell and security.

Guest Bio and links: I'm a hacker, pentester, wiz-bang exploit slinger hiding in the shadows and co-host of the Cyber Threat Perspective Podcast. I currently do offensive security things at SecurIT360, primarily focused on internal pentesting/assume breach, which I really really enjoy. I love PowerShell, Windows and Active Directory. I consider myself a blue-hearted red teamer.


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