The PowerShell Podcast Reaching the Summit: Graham’s OnRamp Journey


Episode Summary:

In this engaging episode, host Andrew sits down with Graham Stringfellow for an insightful discussion filled with personal anecdotes and professional insights. The conversation kicks off with a reflection on Andrew and Graham's shared history, followed by Graham's experience with the PowerShell Summit OnRamp scholarship. Graham sheds light on the infamous mountain disaster involving Phil Bossman, settling the score once and for all. They delve into the importance of building tools that endure and share anecdotes about Andrew handing off some of his PowerShell expertise to Graham. Tune in for a captivating conversation that spans friendship, professional growth, and the enduring legacy of PowerShell.


Guest Bio and resource links:

Meet Graham Stringfellow, an experienced SysAdmin with a knack for making life simpler using PowerShell. Starting on the helpdesk, Graham climbed to SysAdmin, honing his automation skills along the way. After a decade in IT and bagging the PowerShell Summit OnRamp Scholarship, there's no IT problem he can't simplify with some good old PowerShell magic.

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