The PowerShell Podcast Roadmapping your PowerShell Journey with Sean Wheeler


In this episode of the PowerShell Podcast, host Andrew Pla is joined by the insightful Sean Wheeler for an enlightening discussion on all things PowerShell. Andrew starts off the episode by sharing a community tip and delving into the topic of hosting internal PowerShell meetups. The conversation then shifts to Sean, who sheds light on the process of getting started with learning PowerShell, emphasizing the invaluable resources available on Together, they explore the different steps involved in a PowerShell journey and offer guidance on mapping out a personalized learning path. Additionally, they discuss the significance of Git and GitHub in the PowerShell ecosystem and extend an invitation to the community for contributions to the PowerShell Community blog. Tune in for a wealth of knowledge and practical advice to enhance your PowerShell experience.


Guest Bio and links:

Sean Wheeler is the lead documentarian for PowerShell at Microsoft. For over 25 years at Microsoft, he's delivered many workshops on scripting, debugging, and advanced troubleshooting. Using scripting, he's created tools to help customers collect and analyze data used to troubleshoot and optimize their environments.

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