The PowerShell Podcast Cloud Chronicles: Mark Wragg’s Journey in DevOps


In this engaging episode of the PowerShell Podcast, host Andrew Pla kicks things off by sharing some tab completion insights and more on the preshow. Andrew is joined by special guest Mark Wragg to delve into the world of DevOps and PowerShell. Mark, a longtime user of the cloud, and shares his observations of how things have changed over the years. The discussion covers common tasks and responsibilities in DevOps, along with Mark's innovative AzCostTools module, which provides a comprehensive solution for monitoring and managing cloud costs using PowerShell, complete with visually appealing graphs. Additionally, Mark shares his passion for Pester testing, infrastructure testing, and Infrastructure as Code, offering valuable advice and expertise to listeners. Tune in for a captivating conversation filled with practical tips and expert insights!


Guest Bio and links:

Mark is an Azure DevOps Engineer from the UK, where he lives with his wife and three small humans. He's worked in IT full-time since 2003, except for a year out when he almost became a teacher. He started his IT career in Operations, which led to some Management roles, but he missed automating things and pivoted to DevOps, which he's been doing for the last few years as a contractor.


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