The PowerShell Podcast IAM in Focus: Insights from Adil Leghari


In this enlightening episode of the PowerShell Podcast, host Andrew Pla is joined by special guest Adil Leghari to delve into the intricacies of IAM (Identity and Access Management). Together, they explore the fundamentals of IAM and its significance in the broader realm of IT. Additionally, Andrew announces the PowerShell Podcast MVP awards, celebrating community excellence. Adil shares invaluable insights on career transitions, the anatomy of a login box, and common cyber attacks. He also sheds light on the flaws of passwords and emphasizes the importance of empathy and honest postmortems in the IT landscape. Tune in for a captivating discussion filled with wisdom and expertise!

Guest Bio and links:

I spent over a decade as a SysAdmin wrangling user endpoints and virtualizing business apps at the University of British Columbia. I spent the latter half of this time specializing in & evangelizing PowerShell, DevOps, and Automation. In 2019, I made the shift into Presales Engineering, working for Chocolatey Software and then Cloudsmith. I fell in love with helping customers and solving complex problems, and have never looked back. I'm also a speaker & author in the PowerShell Community.

When not talking your ear off about PowerShell and DevOps/Automation, I enjoy nerding out on Open Source, tech gadgets (especially travel ones), stickers, graphic design, A/V production, and snowboarding. My Wife (Marla) & I recently welcomed our Daughter (Layla) into the World (Aug. '22), which has been the toughest but most rewarding job. Consequently, we spend most of our free time napping.


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