The PowerShell Podcast From Blogging to DevOps with Jeff Brown Tech


In this episode of the PowerShell Podcast, we are thrilled to host Jeff Brown, a seasoned educator and PowerShell enthusiast. Jeff takes us on a journey spanning nearly two decades of his prolific blog writing, revealing how it shaped his career trajectory. Delving into the importance of certifications, Jeff emphasizes their role as a structured pathway for acquiring new skills and advancing in the tech industry. We explore Jeff's transition from Azure Engineer to the dynamic realm of DevOps, uncovering valuable insights along the way. Join us as Jeff shares his wealth of experience, offering invaluable advice and perspectives for aspiring IT professionals and seasoned experts alike.

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Jeff Brown is 16+ year veteran of the IT industry working with Windows Server, Office 365, Azure, and PowerShell. He is an active blogger and course creator for companies like CloudSkills, Cybrary, and PluralSight. He currently works as a DevOps Engineer focusing on Azure Cloud and Terraform.


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