The PowerShell Podcast The PowerShell & Global DevOps Summit 2024 Bar session 4


In this episode, we have 2 interviews: Danny Stutz and Carrie Cargil. We start things off chatting with Danny and hearing about his first time speaking at Summit and how his career has gone. He shares some of his keys to success and he is someone to keep your eye out for.

Guest Bio and links: 
Danny Stutz is a passionate technologist who helps his clients with AWS, Azure, Microsoft 365/Entra ID, and IAM services. He thrives on learning new technologies to support his clients and loves automating as much as he can, especially with PowerShell.

Carrie Cargill has years of experience in education and project management but is a relative PowerShell novice. In 2019 she was a scholarship winner for PowerShell Summit and On-Ramp. Her grand aspirations are to create guided pair programming material to help in the teaching/learning of PowerShell and present it at the 2025 Summit.

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