The PowerShell Podcast Breaking Down ModuleFast and More with Justin Grote


In this episode of the PowerShell Podcast, host Andrew Pla interviews Microsoft MVP and PowerShell aficionado Justin Grote. They delve into an issue in the Az.Accounts 3.0.0 module, with Justin offering insights and a workaround (use an earlier version of the module). Justin also discusses his innovative ModuleFast project, explaining its architecture and his approach to writing PowerShell scripts and modules. The conversation highlights Justin's passion for APIs and celebrates his contributions as an official PowerShell project contributor. Listeners get a glimpse into Justin's workflow working at a Managed Service Provider (MSP) and how he writes to much PowerShell. He offers valuable advice for those early in their careers. Additionally, Justin shares updates on his PowerHTML (1.2m downloads) project, which originated from a GitHub pull request, showcasing his continuous contributions to the PowerShell community.


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Justin Grote is a Datacenter Solutions Architect, Open-Source Developer, and Microsoft MVP. Justin has built his professional career leveraging PowerShell to solve and automate interesting business problems. Unfortunately, he can't PowerShell his dog to be less aggressive on his face licks.


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