The PowerShell Podcast From NoWayShell to PowerShell: A Coding Transformation


In this episode, host Andrew Pla converses with coding enthusiast Josh Hendricks (@joshooaj) about his transformative PowerShell journey - a pathway that led him from avoidance to adoration. The discussion delves into the intricacies of Joshua's PSPushover and MilestonePSTools projects, developing an understanding of their creation process. Additionally, Josh recounts his captivating experience of giving a talk on "Docs" at the prestigious PowerShell Summit. This riveting dialogue remarkably encapsulates a personal journey blending skepticism, discovery, and innovation at the heart of coding.

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Josh is a senior principal engineer at Milestone Systems with 18 years of experience in "figuring it out" in technical support, IT, and software engineering roles. He developed a love for PowerShell in 2019 and discovered the PowerShell community shortly afterward.

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