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The PowerShell Podcast Using PowerCLI with Dale Hassinger

In this episode of the PowerShell Podcast, we had the pleasure of speaking with Dale Hassinger, a VMware Technical Account Manager and PowerShell enthusiast. Dale shared his journey from CNC Programmer to VMware TAM, and discussed his involvement in …

The PowerShell Podcast Modern Automation with PowerShell Michael

In this episode, we are joined by Microsoft MVP Michael Zanatta to discuss the new PowerShell community book, “Modern IT Automation with PowerShell.” We start off by talking about Constrained Language Mode, which Michael knows a lot about. We then mo…

The PowerShell Podcast Reaching New Users with Jeff Hicks

We are joined by Jeff Hicks, who shares his expertise as a longtime PowerShell educator. We get things started by in the most logical way: talking about the Teletubbies and the biggest secret in content creation. Jeff discusses how to get more people…

The PowerShell Podcast Using PowerShell on Linux with Avri from Posh4Linux

Episode Summary:
In this episode of the PowerShell podcast, Avri from Posh4Linux shares his experience using PowerShell on Linux. He also details Microsoft’s open source efforts, the obstacles he’s encountered, and how he overcame them – such as with…

The PowerShell Podcast Learning by Doing with Don Jones

In this special episode of The PowerShell Podcast, we celebrate the show’s 1 year anniversary with a very special guest, Don Jones! Don is the founder of the DevOps Summit and has been a leader in the PowerShell community for many years. We chat abou…

PowerShell Summit! Then and Now

March 1, 2023 11am Pacific Standard Time Join Don Jones and James Petty as they discuss the history of the PowerShell Summit. How it started and why it almost didn't [...]

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