About Us

PowerShell.org is an activity of The DevOps Collective, Inc., a US 501(c)(3) nonprofit public charity. We have no legal owners; by definition, we are owned by the US public. As a charity, it is a violation of US law for any individual or entity to gain a financial benefit (e.g., a "profit") from the organization. Thus, we do not have shareholders or other owners.

Our Mission

We have two broad goals within the PowerShell and DevOps community:

  • Provide educational opportunities to members of the community either for free or at a break-even cost
  • Provide members of the community with opportunities (and a platform from which) to help each other

Meet the Team

We have an all-volunteer staff:

  • Don Jones (DonJ@) is President. Note that Don's work obligations have him stepping back from daily operations here; if you need assistance, consider contacting one of our other team members first.
  • Will Anderson (WillA@) is our CEO, in charge of daily operations.
  • James Petty (JamesP@) is our Director of Finance and Treasurer, and manages Profile Verifications.
  • Missy Januszko and Warren Frame are our Directors of Summit Content (reach them via content@).
  • Christopher Gannon (ChrisG@) is our Director of Global Events.
  • Jeffrey Bernt (JeffB@) is our Manager of Summit Logistics.
  • Jeffery Hicks (JeffH@, Saturdays@) is our Director of Community Affairs, including our PowerShell Saturday Booster Programs.

Our webmaster@ email alias will get messages to whomever is responsible for the website from moment to moment.

We would like to recognize four former Board members (from our pre-nonprofit days) for their valuable service:

  • Kirk Munro, who helped co-found the organization
  • Dave Wyatt, who pioneered (and still manages) our online build service
  • Jason Helmick who did significant work in establishing the organization as a non-profit and helped build our community.
  • Richard Siddaway who did significant work in establishing our community and Summit.

'ICYMI' Editors

We have a team of dedicated volunteers that are scouring the internet every week to deliver the most interesting happenings in the world of PowerShell weekly.  They are:

  • Greg Tate - Content Research
  • Mark Roloff - Content Research
  • Robin Dadswell - Content Research
  • Brett Bunker - Content Research
  • Michelle Nguyen - Social Media and Public Relations

Forums Moderators

These folks work hard to approve posts, maintain sanity in the forums, and draw community attention to posts needing a response. They're reachable via email at forums@ if you notice a problem in the Forums.

  • James Ruskin
  • Alexander Wittig
  • Wes Stahler

Social Media Manager

Harjit Dhaliwal manages our social media accounts, and can be reached via socialmedia@.


We offer the following programs:

  • PowerShell.org (this website)
  • A PowerShell Saturday Booster Program
  • Annual PowerShell + DevOps Global Summit event
  • Scholarships for Summit attendance
  • An educational program designed to accelerate entrance into the IT Ops field (via DevOpsCollective.org)
  • A free continuous delivery build server (based on TeamCity) for open-source PowerShell projects
  • A series of free educational ebooks around DevOps and PowerShell
  • Free short-subject training videos