About Us

PowerShell.org is an activity of The DevOps Collective, Inc., a US 501(c)(3) nonprofit public charity. We have no legal owners; by definition, we are owned by the US public. As a charity, it is a violation of US law for any individual or entity to gain a financial benefit (e.g., a "profit") from the organization. Thus, we do not have shareholders or other owners.

Our Mission

We have two broad goals within the PowerShell and DevOps community:

  • Provide educational opportunities to members of the community either for free or at a break-even cost
  • Provide members of the community with opportunities (and a platform from which) to help each other

Meet the Team

We have an all-volunteer staff:

  • Don Jones (DonJ@) is President.
  • Will Anderson is our CEO.
  • James Petty (JamesP@) is our Director of Finance.
  • Richard Siddaway (RichardS@, Summit@) is our Director of Summit Content.
  • Christopher Gannon (ChrisG@) is our Director of Summit Logistics.
  • Jeffery Hicks (JeffH@, Saturdays@) is our Director of Community Affairs, including our PowerShell Saturday Booster Programs.

While we do not pay salaries (we legally could, we just don't), we do pay an accounting firm to handle our books and tax returns, and we pay a per-event consulting fee to our Director of Summit Logistics (who is a professional event manager, versus a member of the PowerShell community). We do pay travel expenses for our Directors to attend an annual business meeting prior to our PowerShell + DevOps Global Summit event.

We would like to recognize three former Board members (from our pre-nonprofit days) for their valuable service:

  • Kirk Munro, who helped co-found the organization
  • Dave Wyatt, who pioneered (and still manages) our online build service
  • Jason Helmick who did significant work in establishing the organization as a non-profit and helped build our community.


We also have an advisory Board, which (virtually) meets annually to discuss the organization's direction, program offerings, and priorities. This Board consists of stakeholders from the commercial community (including Microsoft and others), as well as a rotating cast of "at-large" representatives who speak for the PowerShell and DevOps user community.


We have an annual budget of approximately $325,000. This includes (all numbers are rounded and represent an annual budgeted spend):

  • $400 - Office 365 subscription (Microsoft's external nonprofit vetting firm, TechSoup, insists we are not eligible for nonprofit pricing)
  • $500 - QuickBooks Online
  • $5000 - Amazon Web Services (for the Build server)
  • $1800 - WordPress hosting
  • $500 - government license/filing fees
  • $4000 - Accounting and tax prep
  • $500 - credit card merchant fees

Most of the remaining budget (about $290,000) goes toward producing PowerShell + DevOps Global Summit for about 350 attendees and speakers. We maintain a small "net revenue" pad each year (we target about $20,000), which provides us with the funds necessary to pay deposits on the following year's Summit event (so that the organizers no longer have to place these deposits on their personal credit cards).


We offer the following programs:

  • PowerShell.org (this website)
  • A PowerShell Saturday Booster Program
  • Annual PowerShell + DevOps Global Summit event
  • Scholarships for Summit attendance
  • An educational program designed to accelerate entrance into the IT Ops field (via DevOpsCollective.org)
  • A free continuous delivery build server (based on TeamCity) for open-source PowerShell projects
  • A series of free educational ebooks around DevOps and PowerShell
  • Free short-subject training videos