Community-Authored Awesomeness

  • Using PowerShell, Azure Automation, and OMS - Part I

    Microsoft’s Operations Management Suite provides some exceptional tools for monitoring and maintaining your environments in both the cloud and in your datacenter.  One of it’s best features, however, is its ability to leverage the tools that you’ve already developed to perform tasks and remediate issues using PowerShell, Azure Automation Runbooks, and OMS Alert triggers.  In […]

  • Taking Powershell to the next level

    I recently decided to ‘up my game’ with powershell and go beyond the simple scripts I’ve rolled out in the past. So I simply want to share with you, the path I took to enhance my skills (inc. alot of practice) Books: Learn Powershell In A Month of Lunches Learn Powershell Toolmaking in a month […]

  • PowerShell Team Day at IT Transformation Event

    At the upcoming “IT Transformation” event in Orlando this month (still time left to register!), members of the PowerShell team will be leading a full-day workshop that’s pretty much a don’t-miss (and no, it isn’t being recorded). Here’s the schedule: Time Speaker Title 09:00am-10:00am Jeffrey Snover Observations on Modern IT Practices and Organization Culture 10:00am-10:15am […]

  • Announcing the PowerShell Saturday Booster Program

    We’re pleased to announce general availability of our PowerShell Saturday Booster Program, as announced at PowerShell + DevOps Global Summit 2017. The goal of this program is to help enthusiasts build sustainable one-day, small-format technical events worldwide. We can provide organizing advice and assistance, help managing finances, and so on. Full details at

  • Serve on the Board of!

    The DevOps Collective (the nonprofit that owns is organized into two main governing bodies. Our Directors – myself, Christopher Gannon, Jason Helmick, Jeffery Hicks, Richard Siddaway, and Will Anderson – run the organization on a day-to-day. On Board, which we’re now forming, consists of stakeholders who help advise us on directions, priorities, and so […]

  • PowerShell Saturday Booster Program

    As announced at PowerShell + DevOps Global Summit 2017, we’re preparing a “PowerShell Saturday Booster Program” to help launch and support local one-day events. Please visit to take a look at our draft materials, and use GitHub’s “Issues” feature to submit questions, suggestions for additional content, requests for clarification, and so on. We’ll continue to […]

  • Post-Summit Note

    A quick note: We experienced some massive equipment failures this year, almost to the point where we were starting to seriously question our life choices. The end result is that we don’t have as many session recordings as we’d hoped. Jason will be going through what we do have over the next week, splicing together what […]

  • Do Anything in One Line of PowerShell

    PowerShell provides a tremendous boon to productivity for computer professionals of all types. But, you have to admit: it can be a bit daunting to get up to speed! Indeed, as someone who has a fair amount of experience using it, I still find myself having to look up how to do things–frequently. So I […]