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  • The Flavors of Windows Containers

    I had a wonderful conversation with some team members around Windows Containers generally, and they had some very cool analogies that I don't think have been publicized enough. There's some good technical detail, too, which I think is worth understanding as we move into this brave new world of containerization.

  • Re-Subscribe to New Forums Topic Notifications

    Hello, PowerShellers! During our migration and some of the inevitable database resets involved, many of you who were receiving notifications for new forums topics no longer are. You’ll need to re-subscribe. To do so, simply visit the Forums page, click through to the forum(s) of your choice, and poke the “Subscribe” link that’s towards the upper-left-ish […]

  • PowerShell + DevOps Global Summit 2017: Session Acceptance

    We’re in the process of emailing speaker invitations to those whose sessions were accepted for the 2017 agenda. Please check your email and promptly follow the instructions to complete registration.  In the event that a speaker is unable to confirm their invitation in time, we will move on to other speakers and sessions – that’s why, […]

  • Be an Azure Consultant for!

    So, after our nearly-2-day outage, which was due to a still-not-fully-explained Apache fail, we’re looking to make some changes. We need to migrate to a different Azure subscription anyway, so this is a good time to change the kind of service we’re using. First, using Azure is non-negotiable. If your expert opinion is to […]

  • PowerShell Happenings at Ignite 2016

    With Ignite fast-approaching, here’s what’s up – and this is intended to be a “community post,” meaning I’d love it if you could add your own PowerShell At Ignite notes in the comments, including sessions you’re looking forward to! On Sunday evening, while not officially a PowerShell event, a lot of PowerShell glitterati will be at The […]

  • Changing of the Guard at

    It’s a bit of a sad day at The DevOps Collective, which is the nonprofit that runs One of our Board of Directors members, Dave Wyatt, will be stepping down from his Director position this week. He wants to focus on his personal life a bit more, although he’s still going to be responsible […]

  • PowerShell + DevOps Global Summit 2017 Preview

    As a quick reminder, our Call for Topics is still open for a few more days! Summ. Summit is very much intended to be a kind of mega-user group, not a “conference,” so don’t assume all the “professional” speakers have taken up all the speaking slots. We want you to participate! In the meantime, while we’re […]