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  • Philadelphia Meeting - February 2016

    Join us this Thursday, February 4th when Sunny Chakraborty will be presenting an Introduction to PowerShell Runspaces. Sunny will cover Runspaces, Runspacepools, Synchronization mechanisms, and Boe Prox’s PoshRsJobs module. Please Note: This meeting is being hosted at a new location: Aberdeen Asset Management @ 1735 Market St., Fl. #32, Philadelphia PA 19103 This meeting will NOT […]

  • Philadelphia Meeting - October 1st 2015

    Join us Thursday, October 1st when Carlos Perez will be joining us via Skype to present Common Ways PowerShell is Abused and How to Monitor and Detect Abuse. This will be a security focused look at how attackers use PowerShell and how to monitor for common abuses of PowerShell in your environment. Please Note: This meeting is being hosted […]

  • PhillyPoSH May 2015 Meeting Summary

    Jim Ficarra of Comcast Cable presented “PowerShell and Puppet: Extending Puppet on Windows Through Integration of PowerShell Tools, Techniques and Patterns”. ** Unfortunately we had some mic issues but the audio picks up at around 2min into the recording. ** A recording of this meeting has been posted to our YouTube channel.

  • Philadelphia Meeting - May 7th 2015

    Join us Thursday, May 7th when Jim Ficarra of Comcast Cable will present PowerShell and Puppet: Extending Puppet on Windows Through Integration of PowerShell Tools, Techniques and Patterns. Puppet is a Configuration Management System framework from PuppetLabs that originated on Linux systems and has been ported to Windows in recent years. While some of the […]

  • Philadelphia Meeting - March 26th 2015

    We’re really excited to announce our special meeting coming up on Thursday, March 26th. Joining us in person will be PowerShell MVPs The Scripting Wife, Teresa Wilson, as well as Steven Murawski of Chef Software. While we may have other special guests drop by Steven will be presenting a talk on PowerShell Desired State Configuration, ‘Intermediate DSC […]

  • Philadelphia Meeting - March 5th 2015

    UPDATE: Due to the inclement weather forecast this event will be held online only via Lync! Join us Thursday, March 5th when Derek Murawsky will give a talk on “Introducing Chocolatey”. About Chocolatey Chocolatey is a package manager for Windows in the vein of APT and RPM. Written in Powershell and based on Nuget, it allows […]

  • Philadelphia Meeting - February 5th 2015

    Join us Thursday, February 5th for a presentation and demo by ScriptRock, makers of GuardRail. Nick Beecroft, Mike Baukes, and/or Alan Sharp-Paul will join us remotely to showcase configuration monitoring, control, and automation leveraging DSC with GuardRail. What do you have? Is it good? As you accelerate your pipeline with PowerShell, you need a validation […]

  • Philadelphia Meeting - January 8th 2015

    Join us Thursday January 8th when John Mello will be presenting a talk on the Where and ForEach methods introduced in PowerShell v4. Following John’s talk we’ll have time for open discussion and scriptclub activities so bring a script or two to show off or get some help with. Please register if you plan to attend in […]

  • Philadelphia Meeting - December 4th 2014

    Join us Thursday, December 4th where Steven Murawski will be presenting a talk on Intermediate DSC – Building DSC Resources. While there are a lot of DSC Resources out in the wild now, you’ll likely still have a need to create a custom resource.  We’ll dive into how we can use our existing PowerShell skills to develop DSC resources. […]