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  • 2016-January Scripting Games Wrap-Up

    Here’s the official answer to our January 2016 Scripting Games puzzle, provided by Adam Bertram (the puzzle’s author). Official Answer This month’s puzzle made you do some work. Not only did it make you write some PowerShell but it also probably forced you to do some background research on the Interwebz as well. Being able […]

  • PowerShell Conference Europe

    PowerShell Conference EU combines the former “Deutsche PowerShell Konferenz” and the spiritual successor of “PowerShell Summit Europe” into one great big 3-day PowerShell event for Admins and DevOps in Europe and takes placeApril 20-22 in Hannover/Germany. With more than 40 international speakers including PowerShell inventor Jeffrey Snover, and more than 60 sessions, you are cordially […]

  • 2015-December Scripting Games Wrap-Up

    Happy New Year! Here’s the official answer to our December 2015 Games, where PowerShell.org Board Member challenged you to add some code to your holiday spirit. Want to share your own puzzle for a future Games? Drop a line to admin@ via email! Official Answer You started with this here string.   $list = @” 1 Partridge […]

  • 2015-November Scripting Games Wrap-Up

    The November puzzle was all about cleaning up someone else’s code, and came from community member Tim Curwick. Want to share your own puzzle for a future Games? Drop a line to admin@ via email! Official Answer Sometimes things break. Then we have to dive into the code and figure out what it does. Figuring out […]

  • 2015-October Scripting Games Wrap-Up

    The October puzzler was a tough one, especially if you’re not used to dragging information from the Web in XML form. Adam Bertram provides our Celebrity Entry. Celebrity Entry Note: Adam’s entry is helpfully posted in his GitHub repo. As Don mentioned in the challenge, putting the functionality of finding items in a RSS feed should […]

  • 2015-September Scripting Games Wrap-Up

    The September puzzler wasn’t intended to break your brain – but it was intended to highlight an extremely important pipeline technique. Let’s begin with our Celebrity Entry, from Stephen Owen. Celebrity Entry Alright guys, buckle yourselfs (selfs?  Selves?  I’m not sure which one it is..and this is supposed to be a stream of consciousness thing, […]

  • PowerShell Summit Europe 2015 - Last-Minute Attendee Details

    The Summit is almost upon us! As a quick note, please plan to monitor the @PSHDonsBoss and @concentratedDon Twitter feeds leading up to the Summit. That’ll be the best way to get any last-minute changes or tips. Because our organizers are operating in a foreign land, their Twitter accounts are about the most sure-fire way […]

  • 2015-August Scripting Games Wrap-Up

    The August puzzler was intended to highlight the usefulness of REST APIs, and the relative ease with which you can wrap PowerShell commands around them. Our Celebrity Entry for this month will be from Warren Frame, followed by the Official Entry from the puzzle’s author, Don Jones. Celebrity Entry A short while back, I was plugging away on […]