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Pester – Parameters and Hashtable Fun!

I have written a short excerpt on how to pass parameters from an object to a Pester test. I have turned this into a function: Invoke-POVTest.

The function is primarily for operational validation tests, where you might have a single operational test but you need to test multiple cases. (Sorry, I am not quite sure if I described it properly).

I'll be interested in any feedback.


Link to blog post here.


A study in Powershell scripting - A beginners guide Part 3

Here is the long awaited post of my third installment of where I revisit my script and provide some explanation as to why I did the things I did in regards to synchronizing Active directory groups.

As always feedback is welcome.

Link is here

A study in Powershell scripting - A beginners guide Part 2

In this post I elaborate the steps that I went through to build the function to extract users into alphabetical order. I talk about the problems I face and how I resolved them.

I also post snippets of my code that I used so that new people can see how I wrote it.

I'm hoping that this help the new people that are out there.

Biggest tip in the post is what the secret sauce is on how to pass results from one cmdlet to another. As always always pleased to know people's thoughts.

Link here.

A study in Powershell Scripting - A beginners Guide Part I

I thought I would post my learning experiences as a person that has very little programming background. Don did say in one of the TechEd's a few  years ago that even a beginner could share their experiences with others. So I thought that I should contribute with the approach that I use to write my scripts so that other people starting to begin their Powershell adventure could benefit.

The scenario in this case is to do with three Active Directory security groups and synchronizing with a master Active Directory security group.

Link to blog post here.

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