Optimize your coding with the PSFramework

Online event

Join us as Friedrich Weinmann (Twitter: @FredWeinmann), Customer Engineer at Microsoft, dives into the topic of PSFramework. Following is the description of what Fred would cover: Scripting takes quite a bit of time and the time pressure is always there.So often enough, we have to sacrifice some of the features we'd like, trade-off code quality or skip some user quality-of-life aspects we would like to do but just don't have the time for.If only there were a way to make user-friendly, high-quality code the least path of resistance… Introducing the PSFramework module:• Reduce cost of User experience features• Eliminate common scripting aspects – such as logging – from your to-do list when you code• Backport several features from PowerShell Core to Windows PowerShell• Streamline your code flow and simplify supporting "expensive" PowerShell features such as ShouldProcess• … Empower your coding, while saving time