PowerShell Object Formatting with Dave Goldman

Online event

Join the SoCal PowerShell User Group as Dave Goldman takes us through formatting your PowerShell objects. From Dave: "If you work with PowerShell output and want to learn how to massage your data to work better for you, this will be a great presentation. I will be covering how PowerShell formats output objects it creates, how formatting is determined and how you can create your own custom formatting views. To be covered:1. What a PowerShell object is2. How objects are passed down the pipeline from start to finish3. How PowerShell generate views for objects it creates (Table, List, Wide, Custom objects)4. Dive in to PowerShell’s default view templates5. Breakdown of the view templates files6. What the DefaultDisplayPropertySets value is and how it is used7. How to create your own custom views for your objectsa. How to do it in your local PowerShell sessionsb. How to add this to a PowerShell module you may have created My name is Dave Goldman, I live in Charlotte and I am a 20 year veteran of Microsoft working in the O365 space." Dave can be found on Twitter at the handle @matrixsurfer128. A link to the Microsoft Teams meeting for this event will be sent to all registered attendees at 5PM the day of the event.