PSPowerHour – PowerShell 7.1: The Modern/Next-Gen Shell (Steve/Jason)

Modern shells should help you be successful as soon as you start typing. Join Steve and Jason to discuss future shell improvements, Predictive IntelliSense, Dynamic Help, Native Commands and more in this exciting look at PowerShell 7.1. Join us and share your feedback! Steve Lee Principal Software Engineer Manager for PowerShell Team.  20 years of experience working at Microsoft starting with WMI on NT4, creation of WinRM, OpenSSH on Windows, joined PowerShell Team to create PowerShell Core 6 as Open Source and cross-platform.  Father to two girls, poker and automobile enthusiast. Jason Helmick Program Manager on the PowerShell Team. 30-year IT veteran and avid supporter of the DevOps/PowerShell community. Former CFO of PowerShell.Org and the PowerShell/DevOps Global Summit. PowerShell/Motorcycle enthusiast!

PSPowerHour Episode 4 – Universal Dashboard v3

Presented by Adam Driscoll - A First Look at Universal Dashboard v3 - Universal Dashboard is a framework for build websites with PowerShell. In this session, we will look at the newest version of the platform that allows for more robust controls, easier to use themes and a better degree of control over dashboards and their assets. Adam Driscoll is the owner of Ironman Software and a Cloud and Datacenter MVP based out of Hailey, ID, USA. He is a published author, open-source contributor, and speaker.

PSPowerHour – Shell of an Idea AMA


Join PowerShell author, speaker, and MVP Don Jones for a look in the deep, untold history of PowerShell, a topic he’s been exploring for his upcoming book, “Shell of an Idea: The Untold History of PowerShell” ( Learn how Intel prompted the ultimate creation of PowerShell, how a hermit crab contributed, and how Microsoft’s purchase of Hotmail highlighted the need for PowerShell. It’s a fascinating dive into the shell’s past, which can really inform you about its present and future. This will be followed by a live AMA (Ask me Anything). Ask your questions on twitter ahead of time using the hashtag #ShellofanIdea or submit the online here (link coming soon) Don Jones has been in the IT industry since the mid-1990s, and working with PowerShell since before its 2006 launch. He’s a co-founder of and PowerShell Summit, and was named “PowerShell First Follower” by PowerShell inventor Jeffrey Snover. Don has written dozens of IT, business, and self-improvement books, including the first-ever published books on Windows PowerShell. Submit your questions here

PSPowerHour Episode 6 – Defense Against the Dark Arts for Muggles


Presented by Mr Thomas Rayner. You don’t have to be a big name like Equifax or Capital One to be breached. Cyber crime is thriving, and the tools and systems you’re responsible for can either be used to protect you, or they can sink your whole organization and maybe even your career. Come learn how to protect yourself! Thomas Rayner is a Sr Security Service Engineer at Microsoft and a Certified Information Systems Security Professional. His team is responsible for maintaining the secure infrastructure of some of the most valuable information systems in the world. In this session, you’ll learn things you can take home and start doing right now for free, like how to think about security first - without obstructing your productivity - and skills you need to avoid having your company’s name showing up in the news for the wrong reasons.

PSPowerHour Episode 7 – Using Ansible in Containers


Presented by Josh Duffney Containers aren't just for developers. But without a web application what do you do? Don't you need five-plus years of web development experience to make sense of containers? No, you don't. In fact, once you dive in and start learning you'll realize containers have more to do with operations than development. It's just not immediately obvious what sysadmins can use containers for.  In this talk, you will learn how to; build a Dockerfile defining your Ansible environment, run Ansible in a container interactively and non-interactively, version your Ansible environment with tags, and to deploy Ansible using GitHub actions.

PSPowerHour Episode 10: Croque Monsieur: Step up Your Toast Notification Game


With Josh King: You know what toast notifications are, you know that you can generate them using the BurntToast PowerShell module. But now you're wanting to branch out a little and try some fancy toast. Maybe toast topped with avocado, hummus, or maybe Marmite? Wait, wrong toast. It's an easy mistake! Come along and see how you can make your toast notifications more visually appealing with GIFs and hero images. How you can dynamically update existing notifications with new information. And finally, how you can trigger certain actions directly from a notification. This is a follow up to "Just Scrape off the Black Bits", think of it as a 201