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ChatGPT Meets PowerShell: Revolutionizing Command Line Interactions – Doug Finke

December 13, 2023 @ 11:30 am - 2:00 pm GMT-0500

For the link to the livestrean, you need to register here: [https://bepug.odoo.com/event/chatgpt-meets-powershell-revolutionizing-command-line-interactions-2/register](https://bepug.odoo.com/event/chatgpt-meets-powershell-revolutionizing-command-line-interactions-2/register)

We are excited to have **Doug Finke** join us for this one. You may know Doug from his [Excel PowerShell module](https://github.com/dfinke/ImportExcel) and as MVP and a regular guest to other online meetups. He's even got his own [​YouTube channel](https://www.youtube.com/dougfinke) now, where he's been sharing how to use his latest PowerShellAI module.

Doug has offered to talk about his AI module and how he's integrated the power of OpenAI's APIs straight into our beloved terminals. Check out the full description below. Hope to see you all online soon!

**Session description:** Embark on a transformative journey where artificial intelligence converges with the command line. Join us for an insightful presentation hosted by BePug (Belgium PowerShell User Group), as we explore the groundbreaking integration of ChatGPT with PowerShell, redefining the landscape of scripting, data analysis, and system administration. Discover how this amalgamation is revolutionizing automation, paving the way for a future of smarter and more efficient command line interactions.

**Event Highlights:**

* **AI Infusion:** Delve into the fusion of AI and command line technologies.
* **Impactful Integration:** Explore the innovative pairing of ChatGPT with PowerShell and its far-reaching effects on scripting, data analysis, and system administration.
* **Smarter Automation:** Uncover how this integration is reshaping the future of automation with intelligent and intuitive solutions.

**Get Involved:** To actively participate, we invite you to install the PowerShellAI module from your PowerShell prompt. Simply run the command: Install-Module PowerShellAI. Engage with us as we navigate through the exciting possibilities this integration unveils.

**Speaker Bio:** Meet Doug Finke, a distinguished figure in the field with 15 Microsoft MVP awards and authorship of the acclaimed "PowerShell for Developers" book. Doug is not only a seasoned expert but also the visionary creator and maintainer of the revolutionary PowerShellAI module. Join us as he shares insights into the future of command line interactions.


December 13, 2023
11:30 am - 2:00 pm GMT-0500
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