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Microsoft.Graph.PlusPlus: A better way to interact with Microsoft Graph API

July 21, 2021 @ 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm UTC-4

The Microsoft Graph API is the future of querying data from the Azure cloud. It’s incredibly powerful but isn’t very PowerShell friendly.

James O’Neill is a former Microsoft employee who built a module that adds support for using all the PowerShell goodness you come to love but is missing from the Graph API.

If you need to work with the Graph API, then this module is an absolute time saver and a must-have tool for your toolkit. Join us on Wed, 7/21 for demo of how this incredibly useful module works. This module contains over a 100 cmdlets missing from the Graph API.

A little info about our speaker:

James O’Neill is a former Microsoft employee who has been working with PowerShell since 2006. His latest project has been to produce better tools for the Graph API.

After leaving Microsoft, he now works as a freelance developer. James lives near Oxford, England, and insists he will publish “The Hitchhikers guide to PowerShell”, eventually.