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GitHub Actions: Automating tasks for your workflows (Chrissy LeMaire)

March 20, 2021 @ 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm UTC-4

Writing code to solve problems and automated tasks can be awesome! But code development doesn’t end when you finish writing your routine. There’s formatting, branches to merge, and builds to create just to name just a few. Many of those tasks are tedious and repetitive, which makes them ripe for automation; but how?

Our guest for the evening is Chrissy Lemaire, a PowerShell & SQL Server MVP, and creator of the popular PowerShell module, dbatools. She’s also got a Masters degree in Systems Engineering and works as a Security Engineer, focusing on using PowerShell to help secure organizations. She is a force in the PowerShell and SQL communities and she will share with us how she uses GitHub Actions to automate many of the repetitive actions that are part of code development!

In August 2020, GitHub added support for PowerShell within GitHub Composite Actions for all of their runners, including Ubuntu, Mac OS, and Windows. GitHub Actions allow you to create reusable actions using shell scripts and even mix multiple shell languages in the same action. You probably have a lot of shell scripts to automate many tasks, now you can easily turn them into action and reuse them for different workflows.

This Action-packed presentation will show you how fun and useful this new GitHub feature can be. Combined with Docker containers, the possibilities are endless.

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