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PowerShell + DevOps Summit 2019 Update - Agenda Online!

Missy Januszko and Warren Frame, our Co-Directors of Summit Content for 2019, have finally completed the arduous task of combing through the dozens of topic submissions from all of you in the community! The Official Agenda is now online, and is linked from the main Summit page!

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Getting Feedback on PowerShell + DevOps Global Summit Proposals

Hi all!

August is over, and we're about a month out from the close of the PowerShell + DevOps Global Summit CFP!

We have some seriously awesome sessions coming, but we still need more proposals! I've had a number of questions like what makes a good CFP? and would this topic work?. We're going to try something new to see if we can help with this!

  • Do you want feedback on your proposal? Are you curious to see if your peers are interested in a topic? Join the #conferences channel in and ask away!
  • Do you want to help other folks with their proposals? To help encourage folks and different topics? Join the #conferences channel in and help out!

There are two main ways you might get feedback here:

  • In public. Just post your draft proposal or question, and folks will hopefully help!
  • In private. Ask the channel if anyone is around for a private discussion. Some folks prefer this, no harm!

Just keep in mind - if you go the private route, you might end up missing out on feedback from someone with a different and perhaps more helpful perspective.

A number of summit regulars and speakers have offered to help, keep an eye out for them!

I’d encourage this as your first step in getting feedback on your proposals.  If you have more logistical questions, or really want to get feedback specifically from Missy and me, you can ping content –at- and we’ll try to help out.

Lastly, do consider giving a PSPowerHour lightning demo - this is a low pressure way to show off something fun and useful, and gives the folks evaluating summit proposals some insight into your presentation and prep chops! We'll try to fit these all in before the summit CFP closes.

That's about it! Hope to see some fun ideas and proposal discussions in Slack, and your proposals (and hopefully sessions) at the summit!

PowerShell + DevOps Global Summit - Initial OnRamp Scholarship Recipients

Based upon generous donations to this point, including from the Campers of DSC/DevOps Camp 2018 and the readers of The PowerShell Conference Book, we will be able to offer a greater number of scholarships that originally anticipated. As a result, we will be awarding some of those immediately.

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Thank You, Richard, and Fare Well!

Richard Siddaway has decided to step away from and The DevOps Collective. Most recently, Richard has been known for his management of content at PowerShell Summit North America, PowerShell Summit Europe, and later, PowerShell + DevOps Global Summit. Before that, however, Richard was one of the founders of way back in 2011-2012, along with myself, Jason Helmick, Kirk Munro, and Jeffrey Hicks. It's quite fair to say that we all needed one another's support and expertise very much in those early days, and Richard was particularly key in helping us put together the two European Summit events. Richard's very much entitled to one of our Community Hero Challenge Coins, which have been awarded to only a small handful of people who have made sustained, long-term community contributions: Jeffrey Snover, Jason Helmick, Angel Calvo, and Kenneth Hansen. Richard's definitely in rarified company, and it's well-earned.

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We Need Your Help.

We need your help. 

As you may have heard, we’re launching a new “OnRamp” track at PowerShell + DevOps Global Summit 2019. Limited to 40 students, this will be a hands-on class designed to bootstrap someone into the technology and our community. There's a whole brochure about it!

We’re also offering a number of free-ride scholarships designed to cover admission, air, and hotel, to help increase the diversity of our field and community right at the top of the funnel. Half of our scholarships will be awarded to individuals from groups that are traditionally underrepresented in IT, and that’s where we need your help. 

We need to get the word out to potential applicants so that they know to apply!

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A Summit 2018 Post-Mortem

We've been conducting a survey of Summit 2018, now that it's in the past, and wanted to share some of our immediate take-aways. The survey is still open for Summiteers until end of April 2018; you should have the URL in a follow-up email and can inquire in the Slack team if you need it.

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A Changing of the Guard

This week at PowerShell + DevOps Global Summit 2018, we announced a change in leadership for The DevOps Collective, the nonprofit organization that runs Summit,, and other programs. 

Stepping in as CEO will be former Director of Online Services Will Anderson (@gamerlivingwill on Twitter). As CEO, Will takes on day to day responsibility for running Summit, managing the website, and keeping our other programs on track. He will be assembling a team, including our new CFO James Petty, to help him with those tasks. Many of our current crew, including Richard Siddaway and Jeff Hicks, will continue their major contributions to Summit and other activities, and Will is already speaking with other community members who will be joining our team for the first time. Jeffrey Bernt will take on additional responsibilities for Summit logistics, backed by our long-time logistics expert Christopher Gannon. This is all part of what has always been our plan to involve more community members in the organization’s operation, and to help to ensure the long term success and survival of all our programs.

I will remain the organization’s President. This enables me to stay on the advise Will and his team, help document how we do things, and focus on the organization’s future. Will’s move to CEO will free up space for me to work on new projects that further the organization’s mission, and to grow the organization to better serve our community. I’ve some fun things in mind that you’ll hopefully get to see someday soon. 

Jason Helmick, our former CFO, is stepping aside. He will still be involved with Summit and remains a close friend and advisor to me, and I thank him deeply for helping not only bring James into the family, but creating such a smooth transition for his role. 

Please join me in congratulating Will and James!

Iron Scripter prequels: Puzzle 10 - A commentary

This is the commentary on the last Iron Scripter prequel puzzle: Iron Scripter Prequel Puzzle 10 - A commentary

Next weekend will mark the start of summit and you can work on the Iron Scripter preludes - 4 daily puzzles as a lead in to the main event on Thursday 12 April 2018. If you haven't chosen your faction yet you need to hurry

Iron Scripter Prequels: Puzzle 9 - A commentary

Here's my commentary for puzzle 9: Iron Scripter Prequel Puzzle 9 - A commentary

In this puzzle you were cleaning up the TEMP folder and the recycle bin plus working with scheduled tasks and/or scheduled jobs.

One more commentary to come - probably early next week rather than Sunday and then we're into the Summit and the main event.

Iron Scripter Preludes and Main Event: Rules and Info

Information is now available at for the at-Summit events, and participants are advised to refresh themselves on the Rules.

Participants attending Summit should begin choosing their faction and getting to know their teammates in the faction-specific channels of the DevOps-Summit Slack team (open only to attendees and alumni).

Participants hoping to participate remotely may wish to start choosing a faction and finding a way to get in touch with them. The Faction Discussion may be a good way to do that.

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