PowerShell Summit

  • PowerShell Saturday Booster Program

    As announced at PowerShell + DevOps Global Summit 2017, we’re preparing a “PowerShell Saturday Booster Program” to help launch and support local one-day events. Please visit https://github.com/devops-collective-inc/powershell-saturday/wiki to take a look at our draft materials, and use GitHub’s “Issues” feature to submit questions, suggestions for additional content, requests for clarification, and so on. We’ll continue to […]

  • Post-Summit Note

    A quick note: We experienced some massive equipment failures this year, almost to the point where we were starting to seriously question our life choices. The end result is that we don’t have as many session recordings as we’d hoped. Jason will be going through what we do have over the next week, splicing together what […]

  • Final agenda

    We’ve had to move a few sessions around for various reasons. The online agenda at https://eventloom.com/event/home/summit2017 shows the current final agenda. Please check the agenda carefully to ensure you don’t miss any sessions

  • Community Lightning Demos - Call for Proposals

    If you’ve been to a PowerShell Summit, chances are you’ve seen the awesome lightning demos put on by the PowerShell team members. It’s a fun format – each team member gives a quick 5-10 minute demo of something they’re working on, one after the other. In a few weeks, the PowerShell + Devops Global Summit […]

  • Three seats left

    There are currently three (3) seats left for the 2017 PowerShell and DevOps Summit. First come first served – when they gone that’s definitely it as we’re at capacity. Registration at – https://eventloom.com/event/home/summit2017

  • Join Us in Thanking Ed & Teresa Wilson at Summit 2017

    We’re pleased and proud to announce that Microsoft’s “The Scripting Guy,” Ed Wilson, and the wonderful Scripting Wife, Teresa Wilson, have agreed to join us at PowerShell + DevOps Global Summit 2017 (which as of this writing is almost sold out). They recently announced their retirement, so we wanted to bring them out for one […]

  • PowerShell Summit 2017 - sold out

    We sold the last seat for the 2017 Summit – https://eventloom.com/event/home/summit2017 yesterday. If, and its a very big if, more seats become available we’ll notify you though the event web site and here on powershell.org  

  • Summit 2017 Agenda & Program Guide Online

    We’ve posted the first draft of the Program Guide, including the Agenda, for PowerShell + DevOps Global Summit 2017. You’ll find it linked near the top of the Registration Page. If you’re attending Summit, please check back a few days before the event to download the final version. We’ll have some hardcopies on site, but […]

  • Summit 2017 - Badge Question

    We’re brainstorming ideas to have more professional, collectible attendee badges for Summit, while also reducing time at check-in on-site. If you’re attending or have thought about it, please take a moment to answer this one-question survey. Thanks!