PowerShell Summit

  • We Need Your Help.

    We need your help. 

    As you may have heard, we’re launching a new “OnRamp” track at PowerShell + DevOps Global Summit 2019. Limited to 40 students, this will be a hands-on class designed to bootstrap someone into the technology and our community. There's a whole brochure about it!

    We’re also offering a number of free-ride scholarships designed to cover admission, air, and hotel, to help increase the diversity of our field and community right at the top of the funnel. Half of our scholarships will be awarded to individuals from groups that are traditionally underrepresented in IT, and that’s where we need your help. 

    We need to get the word out to potential applicants so that they know to apply!

  • A Summit 2018 Post-Mortem

    We've been conducting a survey of Summit 2018, now that it's in the past, and wanted to share some of our immediate take-aways. The survey is still open for Summiteers until end of April 2018; you should have the URL in a follow-up email and can inquire in the Slack team if you need it.

  • A Changing of the Guard

    This week at PowerShell + DevOps Global Summit 2018, we announced a change in leadership for The DevOps Collective, the nonprofit organization that runs Summit, PowerShell.org, and other programs.  Stepping in as CEO will be former Director of Online Services Will Anderson (@gamerlivingwill on Twitter). As CEO, Will takes on day to day responsibility for […]

  • Iron Scripter Preludes and Main Event: Rules and Info

    Information is now available at IronScripter.us for the at-Summit events, and participants are advised to refresh themselves on the Rules. Participants attending Summit should begin choosing their faction and getting to know their teammates in the faction-specific channels of the DevOps-Summit Slack team (open only to attendees and alumni). Participants hoping to participate remotely may […]

  • Iron Scripter prequel: Puzzle 10

    Activity on the Iron Scripter forum and Slack channels has reduced for the last few puzzles leading me to believe that I’ve been giving out too many challenges. I’ve decided that this will be the last prequel puzzle: Iron Scripter Prequel Puzzle 10 There won’t be a puzzle 11. Next week I’ll publish the commentary for […]

  • Iron Scripter prequel: Puzzle 9

    You’re approaching the end of the prequels – soon it will be time for Iron Scripter. This week’s challenge involves the file system and the scheduling system – Iron Scripter Prequel Puzzle 9   In all things remember the goals of your faction. Please remember that we’re NOT grading the submissions for these puzzles. You […]

  • 2018 Community Lightning Demos - Sign Up Now!

    If you’ve been to a PowerShell Summit, chances are you’ve seen the awesome lightning demos put on by the PowerShell team members. It’s a fun format – each team member gives a quick 5-10 minute demo of something they’re working on, one after the other. In a few weeks, the PowerShell + Devops Global Summit […]

  • Iron Scripter Prequel: Puzzle 7 - A commentary

    Puzzle 7 introduces a touch of class – PowerShell classes to be precise. The way I approached the puzzle is available: Iron Scripter Prequel Puzzle 7 – A commentary I’ve not presented full faction specific solutions as usual – view the forums and Slack channels to see how the factions are solving this puzzle. Puzzle 8 […]

  • Iron Scripter Prequel: Puzzle 8

    Iron Scripter is rapidly approaching. This is one of your last few training opportunities. This challenge Iron Scripter Prequel Puzzle 8 revolves around setting permissions on files. In all things remember the goals of your faction. Please remember that we’re NOT grading the submissions for these puzzles. You can comment, and discuss the puzzle on the […]