Call for Authors and Editors

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“I’m pleased to announce the Call for Editors and Call for Authors for the “Modern IT Automation with PowerShell” book. This project is a new initiative to develop a textbook …...

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Last Call for Summit 2020 CFP

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So! Proposals for the PowerShell + DevOps Global Summit 2020 are due in less than two weeks, on October 1st. We have some solid talks lined up, but we’re still …...

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PowerShell Team Day at IT Transformation Event

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At the upcoming “IT Transformation” event in Orlando this month (still time left to register!), members of the PowerShell team will be leading a full-day workshop that’s pretty much a …...

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Colecting Certificates form an Enterprise CA for use with DSC

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In a domain environment auto enrollment can be used to get create unique certificates for each node that can be used with DSC.  The problem is getting the public cert …...

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5 Tips for Writing DSC Resources in PowerShell 5

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PowerShell 5 brought class based DSC Resources, which majorly simplifies the process of writing custom DSC resources. During my time working on some custom resources, I developed some tips a long the …...

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Slack and PowerShell

DevOps, PowerShell for Admins

Having a platform that enables ChatOps can be a game changer.  You can quickly see changes, alerts, build status, discussions, emergency chats, and more, all in a single, searchable interface.  If …...

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Making Awesome Dashboards from Windows Performance Counters

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Having an understanding of your systems performance is a crucial part of running IT infrastructure. If a user comes to us and says “why is my application running slowly?”, where do we …...

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Help Get the Word Out on the 'GetGoing' Program & Scholarship

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A couple of weeks ago, DevOps Collective (’s parent non-profit organization) announced the availability of the ‘GetGoing’ IT Ops Education Program and Scholarship. For those of you who...

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